Know all the details to improve WhatsApp upcoming drawing tool feature text editor

Latest Features of WhatsApp: WhatsApp is constantly bringing new features. The instant messaging app wants to improve its users’ interface experience and secure its platform. Just in this race, many features are being offered. Recently released features include calendar search, voice notes in status, picture-in-picture mode for iOS users and some other features. In the coming days, WhatsApp is also going to bring a feature that will allow users to share photos in original quality. Now comes news that WhatsApp is working on a text editor for its drawing tool. Let us know about this in detail.

New features for drawing tools
According to WhatsApp monitoring website Webteinfo, WhatsApp is working on a redesigned text editor for its drawing tool. In this new feature, users will get 3 options including text background change (Background text change), switch between fonts (Switch between fonts) and flexibility in text alignment (Flexibility in text alignment). Let’s go into detail about all three.

  • Change between fonts: With this feature, WhatsApp will allow users to switch between different fonts. Along with this, users will get many options for editing text on photos, videos and GIFs.
  • Flexibility in text alignment: This feature will allow users to change text alignment. This will allow users to align their text in a way that fits the image.
  • Change text background: The third feature will allow users to change the background of the text, making it easier to display the required text differently. Also, users will be able to highlight the required text by changing the background color of the text.

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