Jio pocket friendly plans that offer 1gb daily data and unlimited calling Check out the list of Jio plans under 200

Jio Pocket Friendly Plans: If you use mobile data only to scroll social media or watch a reel for a few minutes or you have WiFi installed at home and office and you use less mobile data, today we are going to give you some cheap plans of Jio. About to say who will give you 1 GB data per day at low price.

That is, plans that not only give you the convenience of data when you need it, but also save you money. All these plans are around Rs 200 in which you get 1 month validity These plans are also good for people who use Reliance Jio as a secondary SIM and do not use this SIM card much. That is, with these plans, your SIM will also be active and you will also get the benefits of calls, SMS and data if required.

These are the cheapest plans of Jio

JIO’s Rs 209 prepaid plan comes with 28 days validity so you get unlimited calling, 100 SMS per day and 1GB data. That is, when you are out of office and home, you can use this 1GB of data. You will also get Jio app subscription in this plan.

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Jio’s Rs 179 prepaid plan comes with a validity of 24 days so you get 1GB data per day and 100 SMS and unlimited calling. Also, in this plan you will also get free Jio app subscription from the company.

Jio’s Rs 149 plan gives you 20 days validity. In this you will get 100 SMS and 1GB data per day and unlimited calling. Along with this, you also get subscription to apps like Jio TV, Jio Cinema, Jio Security and Jio Cloud.

If you want a cheaper plan than this and can compromise on validity, Jio has a Rs 119 plan for you, which gets you 14 days validity. In this plan you will get 1.5 GB data, unlimited calling and 300 SMS per day.

For those looking for a cheaper plan for a full month, Jio has a Rs 259 plan that gets you 1.5GB data and 100 SMS per day and unlimited calling for 30 days.

Airtel’s 1GB plan costs this much

The Airtel 1GB plan, which competes with Jio, costs you Rs 209 which gets you 21 days validity, Rs 239 gets you 24 days validity and Rs 265 gets you 28 days validity. In all these plans, Airtel offers you 100 SMS per day and unlimited calling.

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