iPhone 15 will be launched this year, these special features will be seen, do you know?


iPhone 15 series models may launch this year
Dynamic island notch is available on all models
The A17 Bionic processor will be available on the Pro models

New Delhi. Many users are disappointed with Apple’s new iPhone 14. Because, its design is similar to the old iPhone 13. Also, the dynamic island notch was only offered on the Pro models. Now that the new year has arrived. In such a situation, new models have come this year as well. Because of this, their characteristics have also started to be talked about. Let’s find out what the new models have to offer.

Talks of iPhone 15 launch have also started before the new year begins. There are many speculations about this. It is expected that iPhone 15 can be launched in September this year like every year. For now, here we are going to talk about those 5 features, which can be launched in iPhone 15.

Dynamic Island Notch
All of this year’s iPhone 15 models may feature the Dynamic Island Notch. It is currently available on the iPhone 14 Pro model. That is, the base variant does not come with this feature. In such a situation, this feature will also be seen in the base variant this year.

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Haptic feedback on power and volume buttons
There is talk that this feature will be offered exclusively on the iPhone 15 Pro models. It is speculated that the iPhone 15 Pro model’s physical buttons and power button may be replaced with solid-state buttons that provide haptic feedback.

Third-party apps may be available for download
Until now, Apple only allowed downloading apps from the App Store. However, there are talks that users will soon be able to install alternative app stores on iPhone and iPad. That is, the iPhone 15 will also see the same. Some reports have blamed the European Union’s Digital Markets Act as the reason. According to this law, all third party developers in the region should get equal opportunity.

USB Type-C compatibility
Keeping in mind the European Union’s Digital Market Act, Apple may offer USB Type C compatibility on the iPhone 15 series this year. According to this law, all electronic devices must have Type C USB ports.

Good battery
The new iPhone 15 Pro models may come with the A17 Bionic processor. At the same time, Apple’s A16 processor will be available in standard models. Due to this, the phone has a good battery. According to reports, the A17 Bionic processor will be manufactured on a 3nm process and will require 35% less power.

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