iPhone 15 Pro Max Will Get Folding Zoom Camera System, Galaxy S22 Ultra Will Get Competition


The iPhone 15 Pro Max will feature a folding zoom camera.
It was expected to arrive with the iPhone 14.
This will give the user a better zoom option.

New Delhi. Apple’s upcoming smartphone, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, is said to come with a Periscope folding zoom camera. Although the company will only include it in the top-end iPhone models. Earlier, the tech giant was expected to include a folding zoom camera system in the iPhone 14 range, according to a report by South Korean publication The Elek. Citing an unnamed industry source, the report said that LG Innotek, a major supplier of mobile camera modules, and Jahwa Electronics, a maker of camera module components, will both supply the system for the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The folding zoom camera system won’t make a significant difference to the iPhone’s exterior, and it won’t necessarily reduce the camera bump. Instead, it can use a mirror or prism, which can act as a periscope.

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This will allow the system to use the entire length and width of the iPhone’s body. This camera system will result in better zoom. These are likely similar to the Galaxy S22 Ultra which supports 100X zoom.

Ball guide actuator
According to the report, Zahwa Electronics has developed a ball guide actuator in partnership with Samsung, which moves the lens barrel in the form of a ball roll. It increases driving speed and accuracy. Meanwhile, LG is rumored to be building a similar camera setup using Samsung components.

Solid-state button
The report states that this system is expected to arrive with the iPhone 15 Pro Max in 2024. It could come in both iPhone 16 Pro Max and iPhone 16 Pro. Earlier this month, it was reported that the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models are expected to include new features such as solid-state buttons with haptic feedback, a titanium frame and more RAM.

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