Indrive offers you to negotiate better ride fares from Ola and Uber Here’s how you can use it

If a person comes to the family and needs to go back or we have to go somewhere, the name of Ola or Uber comes to our mind. We book a cab on Ola-Uber and head to our destination. There was a time when Ola-Uber was so cheap that people used to travel here and there a lot. But in the last few rounds it has been seen that their prices are so high that it has become a disaster for the common man. If you too are concerned about the rising prices of Ola-Uber, then today we are going to give you an alternative to both. In this option, you can set the price according to you and travel from one place to another cheaply with Ola-Uber. In Ola-Uber, there is no option to negotiate up-down or ride fare, but in the new app you get all these benefits. Find out about this.

Skip Ola-Uber, use it now

An app named inDrive has entered the Indian market to compete with Ola-Uber. It is just like Ola-Uber where you can get city and inter-city rides. However, in these drives, you can choose the price according to your own or negotiate with the driver.

In Drive was first launched at this location

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InDrive was first launched in Yakutsk, the coldest city in the world. Later this application expanded to 45 countries. India is one of them. These drives have their headquarters or headquarters in California. This app came to India in November last year and slowly started to spread its feet. You can download this application on iPhone and Android smartphones.

How to use this drive

The application sign up process is very simple. You just need to verify your mobile number and from here you can get all the features of the application. You can use this application in Hindi, Bengali, Urdu and English.

After signing up, you need to enter the pickup and drop location on the screen. The price must be paid below this. When you book a ride on your own, this app calculates the distance and gives you an amount based on the actual distance traveled. You can negotiate the fare with the driver and choose your own average fare. The game gets interesting when different drivers offer different prices.

Ola-Uber takes 25% commission

It is also expensive for Ola and Uber as the company charges 25% commission on each ride, although this drive does not currently have it. On the other hand, experts believe that till now these drives are not so widespread in India, due to which their prices are low. Once it expands like Ola-Uber, its prices will go up. Well only time will tell.

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