Indian company has brought cheap device, test for many diseases in same machine, results will be available in 3 minutes


Cipla has launched Cippoint
One device will detect many diseases
Results are available within 3 to 15 minutes

New Delhi. India provides medicines to the world at affordable prices. That is why India is called the medicine store of the world. Indian companies are also coming up with new devices to provide better health benefits to people at lower cost. One such domestic company has developed a device that can test diabetes, thyroid, fertility and many infectious and some stomach diseases.

In fact, Indian pharmaceutical company Cipla launched its diagnostic device Cippoint on Wednesday. The company’s same device can test for many types of diseases.

The report will be available within minutes
The company says that this one device will help people a lot. Because many types of tests will be performed from this same device, accurate test results can be obtained at a lower cost. This device will be very useful for healthcare workers. Because, it will give results in just 3 to 15 minutes. This will make their decision making easier.

CPoint offers automated system and comes with user friendly interface. Under such conditions, it can also be used in rural areas, mobile vans and remote areas with limited infrastructure.

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As claimed by the company, it is CE IVD-approved. That is, it is approved by the European In-Vitro Diagnostic Devices Directive. In this case its results can be trusted.

Cipla is yet to reveal the price of the device and has not clarified whether it will be placed in doctors’ clinics or for ordinary customers to use at home.

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