IIT Madras Develops Homegrown Mobile OS ‘Vars’, Will Be Equipped With Hi-Tech Security, Know The Features


IIT Madras incubated firm BharOS developed the operating system.
It will be made available for commercial off-the-shelf handsets.
It will not allow downloading any third party apps.

New Delhi. J&K Operations, an incubated firm of IIT Madras, has launched a new operating system for mobile phones called BharOS. BharOS is a privacy-focused operating system, which will be made available for commercial off-the-shelf handsets. The new OS is claimed to be native. It is inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Swanirbhar Bharat’ vision. The company claims that 100 crore mobile users in the country will be able to benefit from the new OS.

According to the developers of BharOS, the new operating system gives users more control and flexibility. Apart from this, it also comes with No Default Apps (NDA), so users get more storage. Users will be able to receive ‘native over the air’ (NOTA) updates just like Android phones.

What is BharOS?
BharOS is an operating system made in India. It is claimed to be privacy-focused and fully native. So far the developers have not revealed who they plan to partner with and which phones will boot the OS. However, BharOS will be offered to organizations with strong security and privacy requirements.

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Specialties of BharOS?
BharOS will be privacy-centric, which means it won’t allow downloading any third-party apps. It will come with its own Private App Store Service (PASS). PASS will offer curated apps that meet the organization’s security and privacy standards.

There is no default app
BharOS will come with No Default Apps (NDA), which will allow users to download apps of their choice from PASS. As far as updates are concerned, devices with BharOS will receive native over-the-air (NOTA) updates. Updates will automatically download to the phone, so users don’t need to manually install and apply the update. Although BharOS is claimed to be indigenous, it will be based on the Android Open-Source Project (AOSP).

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Google manages AOSP
Notably, AOSP itself is based on some Android version and is therefore maintained by Google. Google provides regular security backports for AOSP. In such a situation it can be said that it will not replace Android, but if it is claimed that for the OST industry, then it can be used as an alternative to Android system.

Will BharOS offer Android-like features?
The developers of BharOS say that the OS will not provide default apps on the phone. But as far as the features are concerned, there is no information about it yet. Will it offer Android-like features like a privacy dashboard, personalized options and battery health? At present, the answers to these questions have not yet been found.

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