If you are having trouble with Telegram’s junk messages, turn on the auto delete feature like this


Telegram is used in many countries around the world.
Many people can join the group of this app.
With its help, large size files are also transferred.

New Delhi. WhatsApp’s rival instant messaging app Telegram is always introducing new features to enhance the user experience. The platform recently brought some new features to the app for both Android and iOS devices, including no SIM card signup and auto-delete messages for all chats. Today we will tell about the process of this auto delete message feature.

It is important to note that this feature only helps to automatically delete all new chats. It doesn’t matter who initiates the conversation. If you want, you can turn on auto delete mode by setting a timer for all chats visible on your screen. It will automatically delete messages at the time you set.

Follow this process
1- Open the Telegram app on your smartphone.
2-Tap the Menu button.
3-Select the Settings option from the menu.
4-Tap on the Privacy and Security option visible inside the Settings tab.
5-Then tap on Auto-delete messages option.
6- Now you will see 5 options.
7- Includes off, after a day, after a week, after a month.
Set custom time can be found on them.
9- Set a time period and turn on auto delete mode.

Telegram will sign up without number
Instant messaging platform Telegram has updated its app with many new features. Now users won’t need a phone number to sign up. Earlier Telegram users need to enter their mobile number to create a Telegram account.

According to Telegram, with this new update, users can now sign up for their accounts using blockchain-powered anonymous numbers available on the Fragment platform. Earlier the app provided facility to users who can view their number and who can find them by their phone number. Be aware that this process will still require a SIM card

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