How to Transfer Data Photos Media Videos from iPhone to Windows Laptop or PC

iPhone to Windows: Microsoft announced several new hardware last year, including the Surface Pro 9, Surface Studio 2+, and Surface Laptop 5. Along with this, Microsoft also talked about some new features, which have been brought in Windows 11. These features include iCloud Photos integration for the Windows Photos app. The purpose of this integration is to make it easier for iPhone users to transfer photos and videos to Windows. However, iCloud integration isn’t the only way users can transfer photos and videos to a Windows PC. Let’s learn about these other simple methods.

How to transfer media from iPhone to Windows?
You can use the old data cable method to transfer photos. In addition, you also have the option of cloud storage to share photos. Let us understand the whole process step by step. However, you must have a Lightning USB cable.

  • Connect your iPhone to Windows PC using a cable.
  • Once connected, unlock your iPhone.
  • Now Windows will automatically recognize the iPhone under File Explorer. All you need to do is open File Explorer and double click on the iPhone icon.
  • Next, select the Camera folder and copy-paste the photos directly to your laptop.

This method also works
You don’t need to worry if you don’t have a lightning cable to transfer data. We have a solution for that too. If there is no cable, you can upload all your photos to Google Drive or OneDrive or any cloud storage. Once uploaded here, you can download it to your laptop. But it will use internet data.

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