How to increase the font size in Google Keep

 You may like to increase the font size in Google Keep if you regularly work in Google Keep and you find its fonts very small. I specially find the fonts very small when I’m working on my iPad because in the iPad, there is no way of increasing the overall size of the fonts. In a PC or a laptop you can simply press CTRL+”+” (the plus sign on your keyboard) to magnify the overall display of the current browser window (at least in Google Chrome), but this facility is not available on a mobile phone or an iPad.

So, how do you increase the font size in Google Keep?

Frankly, there is no way. In the Google Keep settings, there is no option to increase the size of the font that is used. In fact, you can’t even change the font, forget about the font size. The only way out is, magnifying the overall display. This works in a browser.

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