Google warns, Android smartphones will become expensive, there will be no growth


Google has warned that smartphones will become expensive in India.
In addition to this, Google also said that the security of users is at risk.
Google’s statement came after the CCI’s directive.

New Delhi. Google has warned that the latest decision by the Competition Commission of India (CCI) will further drive up smartphone prices in the country. Earlier, the tech giant also warned users about potential security threats. Please state that in 2022, CCI fined Google Rs 2273 crore in two separate orders. One of these was the abuse of its position in the Android mobile device ecosystem.

In the case, the company was fined Rs 1337 crore and Rs 936 crore for abusing the monopoly through the Play Store. It is noteworthy that the CCI had accused Google of entering into one-sided deals with smartphone makers. Google has now approached the Supreme Court against the CCI’s decision. The company argued that CCI’s move would stop the growth of Android in India.

Meanwhile, Google said in a blog post that the CCI order hurts efforts to accelerate digital adoption in the country. The search giant said that when Android first launched in 2008, smartphones were very expensive, but over the years, Google has made it possible for phone makers to make smartphones more affordable.

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Google has argued that different versions of the Android operating system, known as forks, could harm the stability and predictability of the ecosystem that has benefited both users and developers for 15 years.

Google provides security updates and scans
The company explained that “forks” are different versions of the Android OS, which have been modified by other companies or organizations and are not fully compatible with the original version of Android developed by Google. Google says that Google Play Store apps are safe for users and Google scans them for security updates and malware to ensure this.

Talking about the rise in smartphone prices, Google said that if companies create their own versions of the Android operating system, known as forks, that are fully compatible with the original version developed by Google. Access to it will also force smartphone manufacturers to provide the same level of security and user protection features for the devices. Google said in a blog post that this will increase costs for OEMs and result in more expensive devices for Indian consumers.

CCI charges
Antitrust watchdog CCI has accused Google of partnering with smartphone makers to pre-install Google apps on phones. CCI said Google will not force smartphone companies to pre-install apps. The watchdog also asked Google to provide appropriate access to all stakeholders. At the same time, the tech giant claims it is facing stiff competition from Apple.

Don’t think Google Pay is good
The CCI said that Google is using this power in a manner that goes against the Indian Competition Act. The CCI directed Google not to prevent app developers from using other companies for billing or payment and not to restrict the way apps can be used by end users. The CCI asked Google not to treat its own payment app Google Pay as superior to other apps using the same payment system in India.

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