Google said it was wrong and got a reward of Rs 18 lakh, read here what is the issue

Have you ever thought you found fault with someone’s work and should give them money instead? Probably not, because today if we tell someone something wrong in his work, he either gets upset or on the contrary starts cursing us. But this is not the case with tech giant Google. If you find a bug on Google, Google pays you big bucks. The latest incident is similar where Google has given a reward of Rs 18 lakh to two Indian hackers. In fact, both hackers together found some loopholes in Google’s cloud program, after which they were awarded this prize. Google rewards people under the bug bounty program

What is a bug bounty?

Google rewards people who tell Google about its bugs and if the bug is found to be correct in the investigation and this process is called bug bounty. Google asks hackers or other people to find bugs or other flaws in their platform and we reward you. ‘Google Cloud Program’. In fact, they both found a server-side request forgery bug and a security patch bug, which they reported to Google, and if found correct in the review, Google awarded both of them Rs 18 lakh. Ashok made a post in which he explained how he arrived at this bug and what its drawbacks are. However, after that Google fixed the bug issue and added a security feature for it to keep people’s data safe

This is not the first time Google has rewarded Indian hackers or developers. Earlier, many coders and hackers were rewarded with millions for finding bugs in this platform.

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