Google Maps History Which country uses Google Maps first when it launches?

Google Maps: Technology has made many of our jobs easier these days. This process of technology has not stopped, but is increasing. Many apps have been launched, and updates are coming to improve these apps. Now everything from our banking to transportation is done with the help of technology. Here we are going to talk about one of these Google Maps, which was launched by Google and today it has made traveling easier for many people. Google launched Google Trips in 2005. Few people know which city Google chose for its first visit. Let’s talk about the details…

Chose this city for travel

Google Trip has chosen Portland as its first city. In December 2005, Portland, Oregon transit became the first city to use Google Trip Planner. It helped these travelers see public transport schedules and routes. Google Trip Planner started as a standalone product and was later integrated into Google Maps. Within a few years, the service had found its way into cities around the world.

Today, many other apps also work with the help of Google Maps. From Ola, Uber to Rapido, everyone uses Google Maps. Today more than 5 million websites and apps use Google Maps every day. Google launched Google Maps in 2005. With the launch, Google said that it will gradually emerge as a very useful feature for people. This also proved to be true.

The app was launched in 2008
Google Maps was worked on for years, and then in November 2007, Google made Google Maps even easier. It was facilitated on mobile, or simply put, mobile apps were introduced. It was a historic moment. After the app was launched, it became very easy for people to find their way. Let us tell you that the first Android app of Google Maps was launched in 2008 and then the iOS app was launched in 2012. Today you can easily see roads and routes around the world on Google Maps. It now shows you routes according to your vehicle type along with the time it will take to reach your destination.

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