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It is very difficult to get any other product ticked in front of search engine Google. Google has maintained its power in the technology industry for a long time and intends to continue to do so. But, 2 weeks ago an experimental chatbot chat GPT (Generative Pretrend Transformer) was released which created a stir in the industry. In fact, Chat GPT is being considered as a big game changer. After this came to light, a series of meetings were held at Google, after which Google management issued a code red to the company. That is, there will now be more focus on AI products within the company and Google will have to find better alternatives to Chat GPT.

What is Chat GPT?

Chat GPT is an artificial intelligence software. Chat GPT stands for Generative Pretend Transformer. In simple terms, you can understand it as it works like a search engine like Google. It gives you clear, precise and logical answers in a better way. This is why the popularity of this software is constantly increasing, which has become a problem for Google. The credit for creating this software goes to a person named Sam Altman. He started it with Elon Musk in 2015, but Elon Musk later withdrew from the project.

For the past two decades, Google’s search engine has served as the primary gateway to the Internet for the world. But, as soon as the chatbot Chat GPT was experimentally released in the market, it created a stir in Google. This is considered a major business loss for Google. Experts associated with the technology sector believe that Google may struggle to compete with chatbot Chat GPT. As this chatbot provides information in clear and simple language, it can quickly become popular. Not only that, this chatbot can generate ideas from scratch, business plans, even vacation plans and what to give for Christmas, all this. However, Chat GPT is still in its early stages, requiring changes and improvements, which will happen over time and may become a big problem for Google.

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Google released Code Red

As soon as chatbot Chat GPT hit the market, Google CEO Sundar Pichai held a series of meetings and issued management code red. This is like an alarm for the company. Chat GPT was experimentally made public 2 weeks ago. Users can access it by visiting Open AI’s website. According to data, the platform has had more than 1 million hits since going public. This thing warned the company about the future of Google search. The company’s CEO Sundar Pichai held several meetings about Google’s AI strategy and directed the company to focus on its search engine business to counter the threat of Chat GPT.

LaMDA exists to compete

Let us tell you that Google has already created a chatbot to compete with ChatGPT. The core technology of OpenAI’s chatbot is developed through Google research. Google has a chatbot called LaMDA or Language Model for Dialogue Applications that can compete with Chat GPT.

Disclaimer! After asking questions on OpenAI’s ChatGPT, we used the answers/feedback in the news. We are not responsible for the feedback provided by ChatGPT or their implications.

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