God! These 8 secret features are hidden in the iPhone! Even those who have been using phones for years don’t know…


You can organize your notes with smart folders in the Notes app
Creating a password protected note is very easy.
You can copy and paste text from a physical document into your notes.

iPhone Secret Features: iPhone is a premium segment phone, and it offers many special features. Although most people use the phone for calling, messaging and photography. But few people know that iPhone comes with very advanced features. On the iPhone, users get a Notes app, which has some hidden features that hardly anyone will use.

Apart from this, those who have been using iPhone for years, they must not know these features.

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1) Scan documents and add them to your notes as PDFs
1-Click on the photo icon.
2- Select Scan Document
3- Scan your document and click Save.
A searchable PDF will now be added to your notes.

2) Copy and paste the text from the physical document into your notes:
1-Click on the photo icon
2-Select Scan Text
3-Find your text and click insert.

Your text is now in your notes so it looks like you typed it yourself.

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3) Enable Quick Notes.

Go to Settings > Control Center and add a quick note

You can now add notes from anywhere by swiping down to the right corner and quickly tapping the note button. It also saves the context when displaying the note if you visit your saved URL.

4) Easily collaborate on to-do or shopping lists:
1- Create your list
2-Click the Share button
3- Make sure Associate is selected
4-Share the link with other users.

Your list is now synced across all your devices

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5) Create password protected notes:
1-In your note, click on … and select Lock.
2-For the first time, choose to use your iPhone’s passcode or manual passcode. If you forget the manual code, your note cannot be retrieved.
3- Now you will need Face ID or a code to view your notes.

6) Organize your notes with smart folders:
Create a new folder by tapping ‘New Folder’ in the lower left corner and selecting ‘Make it Smart Folder’. Here you can create different folders like:

You haven’t checked off the to-do list
– Different types of tags
Pinned notes

7) Share folders
Share the notes folder by tapping … and selecting ‘Share Folder’.

When the invitation is accepted, you can tag each other in notes and the other person will receive a notification. You can view all activities in a folder.

8) Save a note as PDF (hidden feature)
1- Open the note and tap on the share icon. Under the heading, select Collaboration.
2-Tap on Collaboration and select Send a copy. Swipe forward and tap Markup for a PDF preview of your notes.
3-Tap Done, and then tap Save File.

You’re done, and you now have a PDF.

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