Gmail creator Paul Bucheit claims that ChatGPT will destroy Google in at least two years

Chat GPT: Discussions are intensifying that Chat GPT will replace Google. Now Gmail creator Paul Buchheit recently tweeted that the artificial intelligence tool could destroy search engine giant Google within the next two years. Google’s most profitable application, which is Google Search, may soon be replaced by Open AI’s tools. Within just a week of its launch in November 2022, ChatGPT has crossed over one million users, which is truly amazing. It turns out that this AI tool has the ability to write essays, marketing pitches, poems, jokes and even pass exams.

Paul Bouchet makes a great point
Gmail creator Paul Bouchet wrote in a series of tweets, “Google will only last a year or two. AI will kill the search engine results page, the thing to know is that Google gets most of its business from search engines. Make money. Even if Google makes their own AI builds, but they won’t be able to fully implement it without taking away the biggest revenue-generating part of their business. After all, AI provides the best answers directly, while search engines show links.” He further explained that ChatGPT will do that with search engines. That’s what Google did with the Yellow Pages (information diaries that predated the advent of the Google search engine). AI will delete the search engine results page.

ChatGPT MBA and Law Exam Passed
Recently, a professor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania tested an AI tool with MBA exams and was surprised by the results. ChatGPT cleared the MBA exam. Not only the MBA exam, ChatGPT also passed the American Law School exam. In this, the AI ​​chatbot earned an overall C+ score. It is also rumored that Google is preparing more than 20 AI products, and is also preparing its own version of ChatGPT.

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