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Gmail Account Hacking Learn how you can check if your account has been hacked


The use of Gmail has declined since the advent of the instant messaging app. Nevertheless, it is still used for corporate and government purposes. Be it electricity bill, any bank transaction, kids fee payment or anything else, all alerts come to Gmail account. We usually keep Gmail account login in mobile. Many of our accounts are also linked to Gmail. Nowadays people keep many passwords synced with their Gmail account. In such a situation if your Gmail account gets hacked by mistake, then you may be in trouble. Besides Gmail account, many of your accounts can be hacked because you have synced them.

Today, through this article we will tell you how you can check if your Gmail account is hacked or open on any other device. Many times you log into your account on another device for work and then forget to log out. Especially when you use public systems, the risk increases.

Check if this account has been hacked

First, you need to go to your Gmail account and check how many devices you have opened your account on. After that, you go to Google Account and select the Security option in the navigation panel. Here you will find ‘Manage Device’ option, through which you can see how many devices your account is open on and which devices are active.

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If any device appears here that is unknown or you don’t know then immediately remove your account login from there because it is possible that someone else is accessing your account and collecting all your information right under your nose. If you log out of the device immediately, your account will be protected from hacking and your personal information will not be leaked. We recommend that you always open your account on a trusted device and periodically review your account.

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