Folding camera sensor lens is the key expected feature of the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro Max

Folding Camera Lens: Every year many people around the world wait for Apple’s premium smartphones. Before the launch of the smartphone, many of its specifications were also leaked. If seen, Apple brought their iPhone in September. It is also expected that the iPhone 15 could be launched in September 2023. As we said before the iPhone came out, its specs started leaking. A related rumor is coming out that this time the iPhone 15 Pro Max model may be given a folding camera lens. Now what is the lens of this folding camera..? We talk about that in this report.

What is a folding camera lens?

According to experts, the lens is placed at 45 degrees in a folding camera setup. Because of this, it helps to fit many lenses on the phone at once. Mirrors and prisms that act like periscopes are used in folding camera setups. You can get 100X zoom support in this complete camera setup. However, this is just a guess. However, this type of zoom has already been seen in Samsung’s Samsung Galaxy Ultra smartphone.

Using a periscopic zoom lens

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Periscopic zoom lenses were used on large boats and submarines. This lens could see far into the sea, allowing submarines to determine the depth of the sea surface. Apple is not the first brand to use this lens, but periscopic zoom technology has been used in digital cameras. In fact, the different sensors of this lens take pictures in different ways and together give a great product, due to which a very good picture is taken. This picture makes it very beautiful.

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