Everything can be found by talking, people are fulfilling ‘manat’ without shaking hands, how does this ‘amazing’ feature of Google work?


Voice search users grew by 78 percent in one year
People mostly use to listen to music
Andhra Pradesh is at the top in terms of voice search

New Delhi. Google offers voice search feature to its users. With this feature, users can do many things just by voice commands. Like searching something on Google. Ask Google Assistant for any task. A lot of work these days is done by saying Ok Google or Hi Google. Nowadays users are taking advantage of this facility. Because, these days voice search is also available in smartwatches and smart speakers.

Recently, the Softbrick AI-2022 report stated that in just one year from 2021-2022, the number of voice searches on Google in India has increased by 78 percent. Andhra-Pradesh, Andaman-Nicobar and Sikkim topped the list in terms of voice search, the survey said. Whereas, Delhi, Chandigarh and Kerala use voice search the least. About 32 percent of people worldwide use this feature.

Mostly used for listening to music
According to the report, 74 percent of people use the voice search feature to listen to music. Similarly, 66 percent of people use it to know the weather and 66 percent of people use it for alarms/reminders.

This figure will occur in 2023
According to the report, the number of people using voice search is growing rapidly and by 2023, nearly 8 billion people will use the voice search feature. Notably, 51 percent of Americans are also making purchases through voice search.

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Where is it most commonly used?
According to the report, about 52 percent of people use voice searching in common rooms. So 25 percent of people use the voice search feature in the bedroom. Similarly, 22 percent of people use this feature in the kitchen.

So many millions of people use cars
130 million people in the US, 30 million in Germany and 20 million in the UK use the voice search feature in their cars.

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