Easy to set photo of special person in mobile with his number, complete method here


Can set a specific person’s photo with number
Can update photos with all saved numbers later
With a number, you can change the picture as many times as you want.

Images can be easily set to numbers stored on any smartphone. In today’s time, all this has become easier due to the growing technology and new features launched by companies every day. You must have noticed that your phone doesn’t start working until you login to Gmail on your smartphone and if you have synced contacts to this Gmail storage, your entire contact list is backed up to Drive.

How to backup this? Information about this will also be given at the end of this story. First let’s know about photo settings.

Here’s the process
1-Open Google Contacts app on your Android device.
2-Select any contact from your phone.
3-Then, tap on the pen icon available at the top-right corner to go to the option to edit contacts.
4- After that you will see that the first letter of the spelling of the person’s name is the number you have written in a circle. Click on it.
5-Then you will get option to select photo from your gallery.
After 6, you can set the photo according to your choice.

Google offers sync facilities
Nowadays, Gmail has become a medium where almost a person is seen to store his data. Gmail stands for Google Mail. Google itself developed Android, which we use to run our phones. Some also save the data to the drive.

That is also an app developed by this company. It also facilitates contact syncing. Sync means your contact data will be stored in Google storage. If your mobile is stolen for any reason, you can recover your contact data. Any smartphone user can use these features.

How to sync contacts?
For this, first you need to open your contacts app, then tap on the settings option shown on the right side. Then you will see a written account. As soon as you tap on it, a new screen opens in front of you, where the option to sync contacts is visible. From where you can easily sync.

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