Don’t worry if a number is saved twice on iPhone, you can easily delete it


Apple has introduced many features for iPhone.
Managing duplicate phone numbers on iPhone is now easier
The latest version of iPhone OS, iOS 16.2 has been released.

iPhone is considered as one of the best selling mobiles in the world. It is different from Android because Apple has developed its own operating system iOS for it. That’s why the methods of using its features are different from normal phones. Once you get used to it. You go crazy for this phone. Today we will learn about the way to manage duplicate numbers from iPhone. By this you will get rid of long contact list.

Apple recently released iOS 16.2 update for all iPhone models. Along with some improvements and new features, it is provided with lock screen, high quality focus mode, iCloud share photo library, essential updates for mail and wallet apps and duplicate phone number management.

What about duplicate numbers in iOS?
iOS 16 gives you the option to merge duplicate numbers, saving you the trouble of manually deleting them. This allows you to link contact cards for the same person to different accounts so that they appear only once in all your contact lists in the Contacts app. This update automatically detects if duplicate contacts exist and then tells you the number of duplicate numbers in your contact list.

Merge duplicate contacts by following this procedure

1-Open the Contacts app on your iOS device.
2- After that tap on Duplicates Found option present under My Card button.
4- After that you can merge all contacts one by one or at once as per your convenience.

How to manually link contacts

-Open the Contacts app on your iPhone.
Tap on any contact and then tap on Edit option.
Then tap on the link contact button.
Then you can manage it according to your own.

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