Don’t take home smart speakers lightly! This can become a big problem for you, learn from the experts how to avoid it


Smart speakers are very popular in the market these days.
This smart speaker works on voice commands
These speakers can be dangerous for you in several ways

New Delhi. Do you know how big a threat to your privacy these speakers are, which only work with voice commands. If not then we are going to tell you here. Cybersecurity experts at VPNOverview have investigated the privacy risks associated with smart speakers. Here’s what you should do to protect your privacy.

Since, smart speakers work on voice commands. That is why they are always on. In such a case some other measures can be taken by misunderstanding a word. Like calling or messaging the wrong person or playing the wrong game or buying the wrong thing. In such situations, cyber experts suggest that you can always keep your mic on mute. You can also manually mute the speaker.

You also have the option to change the wake-up sound. That means you can change the wake words like OK Google, Hey Siri and Alexa to something different.

The smart speaker records everything
We tell you that as soon as you make a sound on your smart speaker, it starts recording everything and stores it in its database. This is done to improve the service. In such a situation, to protect your data, you can change the way the data is saved from the smart speaker’s in-app settings.

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Risks of third-party software
It’s a misconception that only first-party developers store data when users interact with their smart speakers. Whereas, some of the commands and skills of this smart speaker are developed by third-party developers. In such a situation, data may be at risk from here too. Experts say that to avoid this danger, users should only use skills provided by first-party developers. Users can use VPN to add an extra layer of security.

Buy the wrong thing
Many things like groceries can be easily bought from Amazon’s Alexa smart speaker. But, someone else can buy things from it and empty your bank account. In such situations, to avoid this, turn on two-factor authentication. This will bring the first code to your phone.

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