Does Truecaller have your complete information? How safe is it to use? There are benefits


Truecaller identifies callers based on your data.
The app contains valuable data of millions of users like you and us.
Truecaller may sell your data at any time.

New Delhi. Truecaller is a caller ID and spam blocking service, whose most important function is to report caller ID. That is, if a call comes to your number, this app will tell you the name of the owner of that number. Now you must be wondering how Truecaller knows which number belongs to which number? In fact, behind it is the data of millions of users, which Truecaller accesses. And this access is not given by anyone else, but by the users themselves.

With this data, the app tells you the name of the caller. Although there has been a big discussion in recent years that your data is not secure with any company, it can be sold to others. Truecaller also has data, but this app claims that every customer’s data is secure and no one can access it. It is clear that Truecaller has complete data of you and the user of this app. So is it dangerous to use Truecaller? Can it be used without hesitation?

Access to all information
The Truecaller app no ​​doubt claims to respect privacy, but it’s clear that it has your data and it didn’t take the data illegally, rather you gave it yourself. For your information, we tell you that Truecaller can access a lot of data on your phone including username, own mobile number, contact, email address, IP address and some other information.

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What is Truecaller?
Truecaller is a caller identification and spam blocking service. It is developed by the Swedish company True Software Sandinavia AB. It is available for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows (Phone) operating systems.

Not that Truecaller accesses your data but it is very dangerous for you, but it also has some benefits. Truecaller’s basic function is to identify the caller. When you receive a call from an unknown number, Truecaller lets you know who the number is. You are not charged for this. Without this caller ID it is not possible to identify every unknown number. Also, if you want to block someone, you can block them with just one tap from Truecaller Hells.

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