Do not do this by mistake if the phone falls into water, otherwise it may cause serious damage


Switch off the phone after falling into water.
Don’t overturn the smartphone by mistake.
Take out the phone battery and keep it aside.

New Delhi. Nowadays most people use expensive smartphones. If someone’s phone falls into water in such a situation, it can cause a lot of problems for you. Also, phone companies don’t offer any warranty if the device gets damaged by falling in water, which adds to your problem. But now if for some reason your phone falls in water then there is no need to panic.

In fact, today we are going to tell you some tips, with the help of which you can keep your phone safe. Now we tell you what you should and shouldn’t do if your phone falls in water, so that your phone is safe and you don’t face any financial loss.

What not to do if the phone falls in water
Before telling what you should do if the phone falls in water, it is important for you to know what you should not do. If your phone falls into water, do not accidentally turn the phone over or press any buttons. Also, don’t shake the phone if it falls in water, it may cause further damage to the phone.

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Often after dropping the phone in water we try to blow dry it, which is very wrong. Also do not heat the phone. This may damage the internal parts of the device.

What to do if the phone falls in water
If your phone falls into water, remove it from the water and switch it off. After that, separate the phone’s SIM, memory card and phone cover and clean it with paper or towel, so that the moisture of the phone is dried with water. Not only that, don’t use the phone for about 24 hours after the moisture dries up. Then you can give hot air to the phone with dryer, boiler, room heater.

Do not use headphones
Also, you should avoid using headphones or the USB port until the moisture is completely removed from the phone. Not only that, use all these things remotely until the phone is completely dry. In fact, they can be harmful to the circuit.

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