Disadvantages of mobile back cover heat up issue slow performance and many more

Disadvantages of Mobile Back Cover: Don’t know how many options we try first to buy a good smartphone for ourselves and then invest good money to buy a good phone. We all look for mobile covers right after buying the phone. In mobile cover also we need a cover which is designer or different pattern and looks most unique. You will be surprised to see the girls’ mobile phone covers. These days plastic mobile cases have also started coming in the market. You must have seen many people who keep thick rubber covers on their smartphones.

If you too are a person who keeps a mobile phone cover, then know its disadvantages today. Mobile covers can protect your smartphone, but they also have many disadvantages. You may not know these disadvantages, but when you keep the cover on for a long time, you start seeing results on the phone.

These are the disadvantages of installing mobile covers

  1. If you use rubber covers, hard plastic covers etc. on your smartphone, then these prevent the heat of your mobile phone from escaping. When you work on the phone continuously, you must have noticed that many times your mobile starts heating up. In such situations thick mobile cover reduces the performance of the smartphone. Because the phone starts heating up.
  2. Many types of sensors are installed in smartphones. If you use an Ipaky cover, it covers the mobile phone from all sides. This again affects the mobile sensor and can lead to network connectivity issues.
  3. If you use a mobile cover that is transparent or like a clear case, it gets dirty within a few days and makes your mobile phone look ugly.
  4. One of the disadvantages of putting a cover on a smartphone is that you forget to clean it while putting the cover on the mobile phone, due to which dirt accumulates on the sides and back panel of the mobile phone. Due to this, the dirt accumulates on the glass of the speaker grill and back panel and spoils the look of the mobile. Sometimes the sound from the speaker is also slow.
  5. One of the disadvantages of buying a cover for a smartphone is that you have to spend extra money on it. That is, first you buy the most expensive smartphone for yourself and then spend money again for a good cover. You will be surprised to know that some spend even Rs 4 to 5,000 for an iPhone cover. So nowadays an android smartphone is easily available.

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If you can’t live without a mobile phone cover, always keep in mind while buying a cover that the cover should be very thin so that it does not affect the performance of the mobile phone. Also clean the smartphone by opening the mobile cover once a week.

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