Dhansu trick in Excel, you must not know how to make QR code in a pinch


You can add phone numbers or website links through QR codes in Excel.
For this, click on addon and download QR4Office free separately.
After that click on Create button and generate in any color as per your choice.

New Delhi: Apart from mobile number, email address or any link, there are many things that people store in Excel. On the other hand, if there is any personal information, many times people start putting different passwords on it. Anyone can easily see a laptop or computer in someone else’s hands. If you work on a laptop in the office, then this kind of problem keeps coming up again and again.

It is very easy to deal with. For this, you can save any important personal information in Excel as a QR code.

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What are the benefits of creating QR codes in Excel?
Creating QR codes in Excel has many advantages. In fact, to make it, people directly search the internet and download it after giving their personal information on a website. Thus there is a possibility of information leakage. Also it may take more time to make. So, it is very easy to create it directly in Excel by following some steps. It also maintains data security.

Download this add-on to generate QR codes
Before generating QR codes in Excel, it requires a separate add-on. It is very difficult to generate QR code without it. To download it, click the insert button above. Then click on Get add ins and search for QR4Office. Download it and save it in Excel. Anytime you create a QR code, after entering information into it, you can select different colors and that’s it.

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Generate QR code like this
1. First click on Get add ins to generate QR code in Excel.
2. After that click on QR4Office and add to software.
3. In the link space, enter any information like YouTube link, phone number or any other details.
4. After that click on any one option from color option.
5. Background can also take different colors.
6. Adjust the length and width of the QR code by moving the pointer.
7. Add it to Excel by clicking the Insert button below.

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