Cool trick of WhatsApp, you can turn off notification alerts without deleting the app


Users get many special features on WhatsApp.
Notification alerts can be turned off without uninstalling WhatsApp.
Messaging app WhatsApp is an app that transfers billions of messages every day.

Turn off WhatsApp notification alert: WhatsApp is currently the most used messaging app in the world. The company launches new features every day. Recently, the company introduced the facility to send messages and chat to itself without internet. Along with this, the company has also recently introduced a feature to turn off notification alerts without uninstalling the app.

Let us know how to turn off notification alerts without uninstalling the app.

This is the easy step
Open WhatsApp and go to Settings menu.
Tap on ‘Notifications’.
Turn off the switch next to ‘Show notifications’
After that all your WhatsApp notifications will stop automatically.

India is WhatsApp’s largest market
WhatsApp’s largest market is India, followed by Brazil. According to research firm Statistica, by the end of 2021, there were about 490 million WhatsApp users in India. This time the number has crossed 50 crores.

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The government also uses it
Let me tell you, WhatsApp started as a chat app, it has come a long way in the past few years. WhatsApp is now used for everything from audio and video calls to group chats and sharing media (photos, videos, songs).

Many government services in India have also come to WhatsApp through chatbots. This includes DigiLocker through the MyGov helpdesk. Users can interact with multiple businesses on WhatsApp. This includes updates from insurance companies, airline tickets, shopping platforms and more.

How to turn off notifications for a selected chat
There are times when you want to turn off notifications for private chats. So that the alert on WhatsApp is not visible in the notification center. For this, you need to do a task first, then you can turn off the notification of that particular chat for your decision.

You need to go to the notification bar first. After which chat you want to close. You need to click and hold on its notification. You will then see a popup asking you to turn off notifications for forever, an hour and a day. Select it according to you and close it.

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