Cloud services are the source of all Microsoft revenue

Microsoft Income: Giant tech companies are often in the headlines. These include Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and Google etc. Often these companies talk about jobs, packages and income. Companies hire their employees with good packages. In such a situation, it is clear that the income of the companies will be huge. Do you know about the income of these tech giants? If not… then we say. Most of Apple’s revenue comes from its hardware products. At the same time Google earns from internet and software and Microsoft also has many sources of income. Let’s get to know them

Microsoft’s source of revenue
Microsoft earns revenue not only from software, but also from devices, Windows and cloud services. you You may be surprised to know that a large portion of Microsoft’s revenue comes from cloud services. Or just say that the biggest part. Now you must be thinking brother what is this cloud service..? So let’s find out about it.

Microsoft Cloud Services
The Microsoft cloud service is known as Microsoft Azure. It is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure that allows businesses to build, deploy and manage apps. Not only this, it also provides virtual machine, storage and database facilities. Apart from cloud services, Office products account for 24% of Microsoft’s revenue. Also, the company has greatly improved Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft survived such a dip
When Satya Nadella became the CEO of Microsoft, the company was in dire straits. It seemed that Microsoft would meet the same fate as General Motors. After the company changed its marketing strategy, the company stood up again. The cloud accounts for 31% of the company’s revenue today Coming from service.

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