CINEMA LOVERS DAY PVR CINEMA is offering Friday all day show tickets at just 99 rupees see details here

If you love watching Bollywood, Hollywood and Tollywood movies and want to go to the theaters and enjoy the films on the big screen, then there is good news for you. In fact, PVR Cinemas has come up with an amazing offer for movie lovers, under which you can watch any movie for just Rs.99. This special offer is launched for tomorrow i.e. 20th January. Learn about this offer.

Watch any movie at just 99

PVR Cinemas is celebrating ‘Cinema Lover’s Day’ under which people are given an opportunity to watch movies at affordable prices. Under this offer, you can watch any show for just Rs.99. Note that this price will be for mainstream seats only. It will not have premium screens offering 4dx and IMAX experience. This PVR Cinema offer is applicable across India.

Only Pondicherry has been excluded from this offer. Prices may vary slightly depending on your city due to GST and taxes. For more information regarding the offer, you can visit the official website of PVR Cinemas. Such people who want premium seats have to pay extra in addition to the offer. At the same time, tickets in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh will be priced at Rs 100, with taxes added separately.

Book tickets like this

To book tickets, you can do it by visiting the PVR app or website. Tomorrow, you can book a seat for various day-long movies for you and your family members for just Rs.99. Then whether the show is at 9 am or 11:30 pm, you get tickets for everyone at Rs 99. Note that this offer is valid for Friday 20th January only.

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