Chatgpt Pennsylvania Cleared The Wharton School MBA Paper Results Amazing But Not Good In Maths

ChatGPT MBA Exam Clears: OpenAI’s chatbot ‘ChatGPT’ has created a buzz around the world. This chatbot is based on machine learning which can answer your every question quickly and in simple words. Because he answers every question correctly, university and school professors worry about the children’s future. Amidst all the questions, news has surfaced that may make you even more worried. In fact, this chat passed the GPT MBA exam. Yes, a professor at the Wharton School of Business in Pennsylvania got this chatbot to take the final exam in ‘Operations Management’ and it passed with flying colors.

This is the state of the math chatbot

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In a report, Professor Christian Tervis of the university said, Chat passed the GPT MBA ‘Operations Management Course’ paper and got B and B-grades in it. The chatbot answered all questions in precise and simple terms which was amazing. However, this chatbot fails some math questions. Means it is still weak for some math questions. Expressing concern, Christian also said that now students can misuse this chatbot while writing assignments. In such a scenario, it is high time that schools and universities have to make changes in examination policy, curriculum design and teaching as AI tools have advanced a lot.

The city banned it after seeing the results

Let me tell you that this is not the first time that a professor or university chat has raised concerns about GPT. Earlier, the US New York City Department of Education banned chatbots. The education board believed that this chatbot is not good for the future of children and teachers as it is giving quick answers to every question, which can have a wrong effect on the future of children. The board said these chatbots hinder the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are essential for children’s future.

Chat GPT is causing problems for Google

While Chat GPT is answering the most difficult questions, on the other hand it has become a problem for the tech giant Google. In fact, it is believed that it could end Google’s search business in the near future. This is because it gives you instant answers to any query in a better way than Google Recently, Open Eye Chat also introduced GPT’s professional plan, so that people will get better service than normal users.

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Now that you have to pay a fortune for quick and easy answers, ChatGPT has turned into a paid service, the price is shocking.


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