ChatGPT is also banned in India, this university is blocked

ChatGPT: On one hand, while open AI chatbots are considered good for the future, on the other hand, they can also be said to pose a threat to children. Because it reduces or eliminates children’s ability to think critically and solve problems. Children are doing their homework, assignments and lab tests easily with the help of AI tools. This chatbot has even cleared MBA and law exams.

University teachers and professors worldwide have expressed concern about these chatbots. Some time ago news surfaced that an American university had banned it. Now there is a similar news from India where a university in Bangalore has blocked this chatbot inside the university

This university has blocked


Sanjay Chitnis, Dean, School of Computer Science and Engineering, RV University, Bangalore, has issued an advisory to students and faculty in which he said using GPT chat inside the university is strictly prohibited. Action will be taken against any child who does this. The university is also testing children’s assignments, as well as asking them to write in front of them to see if they have done lab tests, assignments, etc. with the help of AI. If any discrepancy is found in the tests or if it is found that the child has acted with the help of AI, action is taken.

< strong>Employed people fear chatbots

This open AI chatbot has created a chatbot worldwide In fact, this chatbot is an AI tool based on machine learning fed publicly available data. This chatbot can answer any question better than Google. To find out its capabilities, people have made it into many exams like MBA, Law etc. That is, the chatbot is so capable that it can answer your every question in the blink of an eye. But these chatbots do not bode well for the future of children. At the same time, the working people are also dreading it as it does their work in seconds

The company that developed the chatbot was started in 2015 by Elon Musk and Sam Altman. However, Musk later parted ways with the project. Open AI is currently supported by Microsoft

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