ChatGPT AI Chatbot Vs Google Ai Chatbot Sparrow Google is about to launch its new and powerful Ai Chatboat Sparrow

Chat GPT vs Sparrow: ChatGPT has been in constant discussion since November last year. This artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chatbot is driving users crazy with accurate answers to their questions. To answer a question, it doesn’t give 10 links like google but gives one direct correct answer. It is also said that in the future ChatGPT will give competition to Google and increase its foothold in the internet world. On the other hand, a Google company is now busy developing a new AI chatbot to compete with ChatGPT. The company says its new chatbot will perform many times better than ChatGPT.

ChatGPT will be many times better
DeepMind, one of Google’s artificial intelligence companies, has developed its own new AI chatbot to compete with ChatGPT. Allegedly, the name of this chatbot is ‘Sparrow’. The company’s CEO, Demis Hassabis, said that the chatbot’s ‘private beta’ The year is 2023 can be released in

The CEO said that all these features are going to be available in the Sparrow AI chatbot, which is not available in the OpenAI company’s ChatGPT. This includes the ability to cite sources to further enhance the learning experience. But it might take some time now to launch.

What is DeepMind?
DeepMind has been doing AI work for Google for a long time. British company DeepMind was launched in 2010. Then in 2014, Google bought it and renamed it Google DeepMind. Last year, Sparrow was presented as a proof of concept in the world’s research paper. It is then said to act as a dialogue agent, which works to reduce the risk of unsafe and incorrect answers.

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What is ChatGPT?
Launched in November last year, ChatGPT is a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence. When asked questions, this chatbot answers better than Google. Chat GPT answers your questions with a human touch. It also writes friend-like poems, essays and gives friend-like advice on various topics for you. Google gives you 10 links to answer a question, but ChatGPT solves all your problems with just one correct answer.

Disclaimer! After asking questions on OpenAI’s ChatGPT, we used the answers/feedback in the news. We are not responsible for the feedback provided by ChatGPT or their implications.

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