Chat GPT AI Chatbot Banned by New York City Schools Know All About Chat GPT and Its Chatbot

Chat GPT: If you are constantly connected to the internet world, you must have heard the term Chat GPT somewhere in the recent past. Actually, Chat GPT is an AI i.e. artificial intelligence powered chat bot that answers any of your queries within seconds. Chat GPT was considered a threat to the giant tech company Google and due to this the company declared it on red alert.

The Chat GPT AI chat bot went live recently and the response it received from users was worth seeing. In simple words, just understand that this chat bot can answer your every question faster and easier than Google. While on one hand GPT chat has become a topic of discussion around the world, on the other hand a city in America has banned it. Let’s find out why.

This American city is forbidden

The New York City Department of Education has banned artificial intelligence-powered chat bots. The department immediately blocked the chat board for students and teachers. In fact, the department’s education board believes that the chat bot is not good for the future of children and teachers as it is giving quick answers to every question, which can have a negative impact on the future of children. The department says this prevents children from developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which are essential for the future. In fact, this thing is true to a large extent because in this chat you will know the answer to every question within seconds.

Live reel News reel

For example if we tell you-

If you are a blogger who writes a daily blog on his website, if you ask the chat bot to write an SEO-friendly blog, it will give you a blog within minutes. If you ask any UPSC question from it, you will know that too in seconds. This chat bot is artificial intelligence driven, with all the information on it in different languages. However, Chat GPT has some drawbacks that may improve over time. But right now it has become a topic of discussion all over the world.

This company developed Chat GPT

Chat GPT is powered by Open AI. OpenAI is a research organization on artificial intelligence, started in 2015 by Elon Musk and Sam Altman. But later Elon Musk separated from this company. Chat GPT was launched in November last year and saw one million traffic within 1 week. Google, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Netflix etc. took months to bring such huge traffic. That’s why it’s a topic of discussion right now.

Disclaimer! After asking questions on OpenAI’s ChatGPT, we used the answers/feedback in the news. We are not responsible for the feedback provided by ChatGPT or their implications.

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