Change this small phone setting, your phone will find hidden camera, easy way


Your smartphone can easily detect hidden cameras in the room.
Some hidden cameras produce IR light, which is invisible to the eye.
You can use your phone to search for IR-equipped cameras.

Hidden Camera Tips: When traveling to any new place, you have to take a hotel room. It can be a resort, guest house or tent house. Many times there are news about hotel rooms where it is known that hidden cameras are found in the room, and due to this privacy is in danger. There is always a fear after hearing such incidents that there is no camera or microphone installed in the room where we are staying, through which someone is spying.

But did you know that you can also detect hidden cameras, microphones or any listening devices from your phone.

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Some hidden cameras produce IR light, which is invisible to the eye. If you hold your phone close enough, its camera is able to capture infrared light. If you discover a hidden camera, your camera display flashes blue-white.

How you can use your phone to find IR-equipped cameras…
1- Open the camera app on your smartphone.
2-Move around the room and aim your phone camera at possible hiding places for surveillance.
3-If you see a small, bright white light, drop your phone and look around. It could be a hidden camera.

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How to find hidden camera by scanning wifi?
1- Some hidden cameras and listening devices may appear in the list of WiFi connections on your phone. Refresh your network list while you scan the room for any strange-looking connections or devices.
After launching the Settings app, click on Network & Internet.
3-Click on WiFi.
4- Move your phone while monitoring nearby WiFi networks

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