Car dealers in India are selling fake JBL music system how can we identify genuine or fake product

Fake JBL Music System: Are you thinking of buying a new music system for your car? If yes, then you need to be very careful before buying. We are saying this because reports have surfaced that many car accessories dealers in India are selling fake products. To address this issue, JBL’s parent company Harman and Infiniti are taking legal action against those involved in manufacturing and selling fake JBL and Infiniti car audio products in India. Let us know about this in detail.

Counterfeit products
Harman has invaded three markets in Bangalore. During the raid, four car aftermarket dealers were selling fake JBL and Infiniti products. Harman’s investigation team along with law enforcement officials seized more than 500 counterfeit products. The team found that these people were selling fake products by putting the names JBZ and IGL as the JBL mark. Now legal action has been taken against the culprits.

Expedition to Delhi in 2022
According to information, Harman conducted a similar operation in 2022. The agency also involved law enforcement officers in their operations. In the 2022 raid, stocks of fake JBL and Infiniti products were seized from auto accessory shops located in the national capital, Delhi.

How do you protect yourself?
Now the biggest question is how common people can protect themselves from such fake products..? For this, it is advised by experts that you look for high quality ingredients. Pay attention to the details written on the product. Pay attention to the product packaging and logo. Observe the color carefully. If you find the product lighter than the information provided, it may be fake. Check the weight of that particular product from the official website on the internet. Also, even if it smells bad, it may be a fake because the product may have paint stuck to it. When shopping online, check the seller’s reputation by reading customer reviews. To identify the authorized seller, try to see his authorized retailer/vendor certificate.

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