Can you boil water in an electric kettle? Is it safe? Not at all, if..


Electric kettle is used to boil water.
Drinking hot water is good for your health.
Some precautions should be taken while drinking water heated in a kettle.

New Delhi. The consumption of hot water is constantly increasing during the cold season. People heat water from bathing to drinking. Bath water is heated by geysers or rods, but nowadays electric kettles are becoming very popular for heating drinking water. In any case, heating water by repeatedly turning on the stove is a long process, whereas an electric kettle heats up water in the blink of an eye.

Everyone knows that drinking water after boiling it and then cooling it is good for health, because boiling kills the bacteria present in the water. But now the question is how safe it is to drink water after heating it in an electric kettle? Can drinking water boiled in a kettle do any harm?

If you have the same question, today we are going to tell you that drinking water boiled in an electric kettle does not harm your health. However, it depends on what heating element your kettle is made of.

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If the kettle’s heating element is exposed and the kettle is nickel plated, it is best not to use boiling water in the kettle, as there is a possibility of nickel leaching. In such a situation, people allergic to nickel can be harmed by it.

Kettle made with advanced technology
Explain that electric kettles are made of advanced technology, which turn on or off during heating. It is very easy and safe to use, which saves electricity as well as clean water.

Is it safe to keep water in the kettle?
How safe is it to keep water in the kettle? It depends on how long the water stays in the kettle. Notably, when the water is at room temperature, airborne microorganisms can grow in the water. In such a situation, water should be avoided for more than a week.

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