Can we drink water heated by rods? Is it safe or not? Know the answer to every important question


Water heated by immersion rod can be drunk.
It is not harmful to health.
However, try to avoid drinking water heated with immersion rods.

New Delhi. Electric immersion rod is a device that we use to heat water in winter, but have you ever wondered if the water heated by immersion rod is drinkable or not? Have you ever wondered what would happen if a person drank water heated by an immersion rod? If not, today we are going to tell you the answer to this question.

Water (soluble minerals mainly calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) salts) and temporary (Ca and Mg bicarbonate) hardness. In this condition, the bicarbonates present in the water boil off to form insoluble carbonates. In addition, unheated water contains dissolved gases, including oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine and carbon dioxide, which are released when the water boils.

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The permanent hardness remaining after boiling water and the removal of dissolved gases both change the organoleptic properties of water and result in a flat test of water. In such circumstances the water heated by the immersion rod may not be harmful to your health. But its taste definitely varies.

Aluminum is used in the rod
Generally, heat kills most bacteria, in this case the water heated by the immersion rod also kills most bacteria, but because the water is heated, it has no effect on the metals and chemicals present in it. We tell you that the part of the rod that you dip into the water is made of aluminum, which is completely harmless to humans.

Still, this caution is important
However, if you have other means of heating drinking water, it is best not to use immersion rods. In fact, due to prolonged use of the immersion rod, a white layer accumulates on it. If it is not cleaned, drinking water heated by it can cause harm.

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