Buying a new water heater for the home? Keep these things in mind, or you will regret it later!


Especially in North India it is wintering
Water heaters help heat water quickly
Getting a good water heater for the home is very important.

New Delhi. In North India, people face severe cold especially during this time. In such a situation, along with quilts and sweaters, the use of water heaters to get hot water has become very important. If you are thinking of buying a new water heater for your home, here we are going to tell you some tips that will be useful for you.

Avneet Singh Gambhir, Joint Vice President, Havells India shares these tips with us. Keeping these in mind will help you choose the best water heater for your home this winter.

When choosing a water heater size, it is very important that you decide to choose the right size. Because, if you choose a small water heater, you will not get hot water as you need and it will be difficult for you to do things like showering, washing dishes. Weather conditions must be taken care of during the selection process.

If you want to buy water heater for kitchen, you can buy 1 liter, 3 liter or 6 liter water heater. Similarly 10 liters to 35 liters for bathrooms, 50 liters for showers, 100 liters for bathtubs/Jacuzzi, heat pumps for farmhouses, hostels and independent houses – WH will require 200 liters to 500 liters capacity.

One of the most important aspects of a water heater is safety. It is an electric powered device. So the water heater must have some special safety features such as power supply shut off in case of leakage, shock resistant plug etc. To prevent possible accidents. Also the water heater you buy should be made of durable material, so that it lasts for a long time.

If you get an immersion water heater, it should be shock-proof. Other features such as pressure controls add safety as they manage water heater overpressure and prevent problems such as tank bursts. Equipment safety can be enhanced by installing a smart warning system to protect against electric shock in case of malfunction.

New technology and energy consumption
An effective way to determine a water heater’s energy efficiency is to look at its Energy Star rating. The higher the rating, the more energy efficient the device will be. Induction water heaters are new generation technology heaters that use magnetic induction process to heat water. This technology heats water faster, which reduces energy consumption.

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Designer products can also be purchased
Interior decoration plays an important role in most homes these days, keeping this in mind it is better to get a water heater that can enhance the beauty of your home, with a modern and attractive design.

After sales service
Before choosing a product or brand, it is important to find out about their after-sales service availability and product warranty terms. Choose a brand that offers a long warranty on the water heater and is able to provide hassle-free after-sales service.

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