BharOS new operating system developed by IIT Madras Know how it differs from Android

Trust: Prime Minister Narendra Modi He has been continuously talking about a self-reliant India. To promote its vision, J&K Operation, an incubated firm at IIT Madras, developed an indigenous mobile operating system called BharOS. This operating system will be privacy focused, so users will get better security. IIT Madras claims that this operating system will benefit over 100 crore mobile users in India and will not violate people’s privacy.

According to the developers of this operating system, this OS will provide more control and flexibility to the users. People don’t get default apps in this operating system which means you get more storage and updates like Android in a year. Currently, information about which mobile phone this operating system will work is not known. But the company is said to offer it to companies that need strong security and privacy.

Features of BharOS

BharOS will be a privacy-centric operating system, i.e. no third-party apps will be allowed to download on this operating system. This operating system will provide people with a personal app store from where they will be able to download all the applications. However, this is not the case with Android smartphones. You can also use third-party applications on Android that work to disturb privacy.

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In this operating system, people will get updates year after year. These updates will automatically download to your mobile phone, so you don’t need to install and apply them manually.

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