BharOS: How different is the native operating system from Android OS, and when will it be released? Find out the answers to all the questions


It is not yet clear how the pre-installed OS will be replaced with BharOS.
No information has been given on when BharOS will be available for download.
BharOS is technically similar to Android.

Trust: India’s indigenous mobile operating system BharOS has been launched to compete with Android and iOS operating systems. This mobile OS developed by IIT Madras has received the green signal from the Government of India. At launch it was stated that it can currently be installed on commercial off-the-shelf handsets.

After its launch, many questions are swirling in people’s minds. Let’s know about this native operating system as told by the developers themselves.

What is special about BharOS…
1-BharOS is a mobile operating system that aims to give users more control over the security and privacy of their devices.
2-BharOS does not include any bloatware or default apps, giving users more storage space.
3- In this, with no default app, users are not forced to use an app they cannot trust.
4-BharOS offers native over the air (NOTA) updates like Android, which means software updates will be automatically downloaded and installed on the device.
The new OS will also provide access to the Private App Store Service (PASS), which delivers trusted apps from specific entities.

How different is BharOS from Android OS?
BharOS is technically similar to Android as both these operating systems are based on the Linux kernel. The main difference between BharOS and Google’s Android is that BharOS does not have Google services and allows users to install their own apps.

Is BharOS better than Android?
1-Firstly, it is still not clear how a person can replace pre-installed OS with BharOS. There is currently no information on how to install the OS or which devices will support it.

2- Apart from this, it is also not clear when BharOS will receive security and software updates. Also, it is not known whether the developers of the OS will collaborate with any OEMs to launch smartphones with BharOS.

Also, the developers of BharOS have not given any information about when the OS will be available for download.

When will BharOS be released?
The developers of BharOS have not given any information about its release date or supported smartphones. However, it is speculated that the developers will collaborate with smartphone manufacturers to launch smartphones running on BharOS in the near future.

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