Bengaluru University Bans ChatGPT After Students Use AI Tool For Exam Assignments And Lab Tests

chatgpt: The growing popularity of chat GPT is creating many difficulties for teachers. It is an AI tool developed by OpenAI. Now Chat GPT has been banned by RV University in Bangalore. This eye device has also been banned by the New York education system. Bangalore’s RV University has banned the device inside the campus to prevent students from using it during exams, lab tests and assignments. The university said, sometimes we will check student work as expected and if teachers feel that the work is not original, the student will be allowed to redo it.

Other AI-based tools are also prohibited

According to media reports, the university banned not only Chat GPT, but other AI-based tools such as GitHub Co-Pilot and Black Box. A university official said that we have issued an advisory to all departments of the university and banned some AI tools like ChatGPT, as students may use them in exams or to complete their assignments.

Also ban Chat GPT in New York City schools

It was previously reported that New York City schools have banned ChatGPT on all devices and networks in New York public schools. Discussions about ChatGPT have intensified since this news. Schools say ChatGPT can have a negative impact on student learning. Because of this, mental development of children will not be possible.

Disadvantages of chatgpt

Due to AI tools like ChatGPT, students may lack critical thinking and creativity. Such tools can also spoil the hard work of students who earn their grades honestly. An eye tool like ChatGPT is not only dangerous for students but also created fear among professionals like writers, engineers and coders as ChatGPT can write and code effortlessly in the blink of an eye. Not only that, it is now being seen as an alternative to Google.

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