Bank Scam Gurugram Woman Loses Rs 1 Lakh By Clicking On A Link Learn More

Bank Scams: There is a very popular saying that a pot fills drop by drop. Similarly, by adding pi to pi, a man collects money for himself and his family and looks towards comfort. After the advent of internet, things have become simpler and easier than ever. On the one hand, while people’s lives have become easier, on the other hand, many difficulties have increased due to the Internet.

In fact, cases of fraud are constantly increasing. Hackers are deceiving people in different ways. Meanwhile, a news has surfaced that hackers have cleared Rs 1 lakh from a woman’s account in Gurugram. The woman’s only mistake was that she clicked on a link. Today, through this article, we are going to tell you what not to do and how to avoid being scammed.

What is the matter?

Madhavi Dutta, a resident of DLF Phase 5 Gurugram, said that the goons stole Rs 1 lakh from her account. Madhavi said she received an SMS on her mobile on January 21, stating that her HDFC account was being closed as it did not have a PAN card linked to it. If you want to continue with the bank services, link the PAN card to the account soon. The message also provided a link, which the woman clicked and went to the page and entered all the information and OTP asked there.

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As soon as he entered the OTP page, the hackers stole Rs 1 lakh from his account. After that Madhavi Dutt called cyber helpline 1930 several times but the call was not connected. He then lodged his complaint on the cyber portal and lodged an FIRB under Sections 419 and 420 of the IPC against the unidentified persons.

Let me tell you, this type of fraud is not the first case where a person has been cheated out of lakhs of rupees. There have been many cases in the past where fraudsters trap people and steal their money.

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Always remember that the bank never sends you any messages or calls etc. asking for your personal information. Even if you get such a message, you have to go to the bank branch first and confirm it and present your documents etc. before the bank officials. In the internet world, never upload any link, sms or portal that can deceive you. Be careful and act wisely because nowadays someone else can destroy your hard work in minutes.

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