Are dating apps legal in India and what are the laws related to it? Used by over 30 million people


More than three crore people in the country use dating apps.
The dating app earns more than Rs 500 crore.
Dating apps in India have over 20 million paying subscribers.

New Delhi. The trend of dating sites in India is growing rapidly. People are using dating apps in large numbers. India is among the top 5 countries in terms of online dating app usage. You may recall that Shraddha and Aftab recently met through a dating app. They are then in a live-in relationship and later Aftab kills Shraddha. Recently France-based extramarital dating app Glidden reported that it has 2 million users in India. In such a scenario, the most important question is whether there are any laws in India regarding these dating apps and how they are being regulated.

If the same question arises in your mind and you also want to know whether dating apps are legal in India or not in terms of online dating apps?, then today we are going to tell you about the online apps and the rules related to it. Please note that there is no specific law regarding rules and regulation of dating apps in India.

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According to a report, more than three crore people use dating apps in the country. 67 percent of users are male and 33 percent are female. The number of users who use the app is more, who were born after 2000. According to data, dating app subscriptions generate more than Rs 500 crore in India every year. There are over 20 million dating app paying subscribers in the country.

Dating App’s Guide to Privacy Rights
Dating apps in India are regulated under privacy rights. Although the Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011 (Privacy Rules) enable the right to privacy, it applies only to sensitive information like credit, debit card, biometric information, passwords, health information. Medical records. Information is limited. In such a situation, dating apps need not keep other information like age, gender, religion and political affiliation as a category of sensitive information.

People from all walks of life use the app
According to Glidden, this number is up 11 percent from September 2022 in India. The company said most of the new customers (66 percent) came from Tier 1 cities, while the rest (44 percent) came from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. The company claims that both men and women who use the apps are professionals like engineers, entrepreneurs, consultants, managers, executives and doctors.

40 percent are female users
Not only this, there are also a large number of housewives among them. Talking about age, most of these men are above 30 years. When women are above 26 years of age. The company also claims that the app has been made extra safe for women and thus has 40 percent female users compared to 60 percent male users in 2023.

India’s most popular dating app
India is among the top 5 countries in terms of online dating app usage. The United States tops the list, followed by China. Apps like Tinder, Bumble, Happn, Bumble and Truly Madly are the most used dating apps in India.

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