Apple will make major changes to the Mac, the company will add a touch screen to the device, the display will also be updated


Apple may soon add touch screens to its Mac laptops.
This will be the biggest change to the Mac so far.
If so, the 2025 Mac could come with a touch-screen.

New Delhi. Apple is working on adding touch screens to its Mac computers. It’s a move that would break with the company’s long-standing policy of conservatism and adopt an approach that company co-founder Steve Jobs once called terrifying. According to reports, Apple engineers are actively working on the project. This suggests that Apple is seriously considering making a touch-screen Mac for the first time. Currently its launching is not finalized. In this case, the company’s plans may change at any time.

Regarding the touch screen, the company has been arguing for more than a decade that the touch screen does not work well on laptops and if one wants a touch interface, the iPad can be a better option for him. However, Apple is also concerned that touch-screens could reduce sales of Macs and iPads.

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On the other hand, the company’s rival companies have increasingly added touch screens to their computers, increasing the pressure on Apple. In recent years, a Mac’s business has grown significantly compared to the iPad, and the company wants to keep it up.

Touch-screen Macs could arrive in 2025
Based on current internal discussions, the company could launch its first touch-screen Mac in 2025 as a major update to the MacBook Pro. A representative for Cupertino-based Apple declined to comment. Meanwhile, Apple shares rose 2.1% to $133.49 on Wednesday.

Traditional laptop design
For now, Apple’s first touch-screen MacBook Pro may retain the traditional laptop design with a standard trackpad and keyboard, but the laptop’s screen will support touch input. Just like iPhone or iPad. Over time, Apple may expand touch support to more of its Mac models.

OLED display will be available
Apple plans to switch its display to organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology for the MacBook Pro. The company currently uses liquid crystal displays (LCDs) in its Macs, but the iPhone and Apple Watch already come with OLED displays. These screens offer better brightness and great colors, and in the first half of 2024, the iPad Pro will also get an OLED screen. In this case, it would be a significant change if the company provides touch-screen facility on Mac.

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