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Apple Launches HomePod 2nd Gen in India Know Price Features


Apple HomePod 2nd Gen: Apple took a long time to launch its next-generation HomePod. So much so that in 2021 people began to feel that Apple had finished the HomePod. Although now the new HomePod 2nd Gen has hit the market. HomePod 2nd Gen is available on Apple’s online store in India starting today, but it will not be shipping yet. Shipping estimated February 3, 2023. However, if we talk about its price, there has been a slight increase in price compared to the previous generation. Let’s get to the details of our points.

  • The brand new Apple HomePod comes with advanced computational audio, humidity sensor, refined design and many more features.
  • The special thing is that it is made from 100 percent recycled fabric.
  • The company said that the new HomePod is equipped with support for the S7 chip. A new multi-camera view has also been added to it.
  • Apple’s new speaker comes with a backlit touch surface and cylindrical design.
  • Talking about other features, you will be able to use it with Siri as well. Not only that, you can listen to a catalog of 100 million songs with Apple Music.

Apple HomePod 2 Gen Price (Apple HomePod 2nd Gen Price)
Talking about the price, the price has been slightly increased from the previous generation. How much is the price now? Price is Rs 32,900. Apple has launched its new HomePod in India at a price of Rs 32,900. It is offered in White and Midnight color variants. In India it is available for pre-order at the Apple Store. It can start shipping from February 3.

Alexa and Google Home Mini
If you’re thinking about getting a speaker, you might consider Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home Mini. Both are smart speakers and are available at lower prices than Apple’s.

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