Amazon Job Scams Work from home and part time jobs Know how to fool you

Amazon Jobs: Are you getting messages claiming to work from home at Amazon company..? If yes, then be careful, because Delhi Police has busted an international gang of cybercriminals. This gang has cheated about 11 thousand people by fraudulently working from home. These cyber thugs are based in China and Dubai and their mastermind is in Georgia. Delhi Police has so far arrested three persons involved in the cyber fraud. If media reports are to be believed, the culprits in this case have been arrested in separate raids from Delhi, Gurugram and Fatehabad (Haryana).

Those looking for work from home are being victimized

Police told the news agency that during their investigation they found that Chinese cybercriminals had developed a module to defraud people looking for work-from-home or part-time jobs online. He also said that a woman who was looking for a part-time job was cheated of Rs 1.18 lakh. It is said that these cyber thugs scammed people using a Telegram ID, the ID was operated from Beijing, China. The WhatsApp number from which people were asked to invest on the Amazon site was also from outside India.

This is how the commotion happened

Live reel News reel

The Delhi Police received a complaint in which a woman filed a complaint that some unknown scammers had duped her of Rs 1.18 lakh under the guise of offering her an online part-time job on Amazon. In the complaint, the woman said, this is a big plan, which some people are doing in the form of Amazon company. After knowing the truth of the incident, the police filed a fraud case as the plaintiff.

Website design like Amazon

Warning the job seekers, the DCP said that these people design the websites in such a way that it looks like a real Amazon website. Such fake websites are also widely promoted on Instagram, Facebook and other social media websites. Scammers even show victims fake screenshots of well-paid employees.

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