Amazon CEO Andy Jassy confirmed 18,000 layoffs. Amazon CEO Andy Jassy confirmed 18,000 layoffs

Digital Desk, San Francisco. Amazon confirmed Thursday that it is laying off about 18,000 workers. I expect further cuts in early 2023, the company’s CEO said in a statement. “We usually wait to communicate these findings until we can talk to the people directly affected,” Jesse said. Although one of our partners leaked this information externally, we decided it would be best to share this news first so you can hear the details firsthand.

That said, we intend to contact affected employees (or the applicable employee representative bodies in Europe) from 18 January.

Reports surfaced in November that the e-commerce giant was aiming to lay off around 10,000 workers. In September 2022, the company said it will have about 1.5 million employees. Amazon previously said it was consolidating some teams and programs in its hardware and services division.

Earlier, Meta announced last year that it was laying off nearly 11,000 workers, while chipmaker Intel announced plans to cut jobs throughout the year. Google plans to lay off a large number of workers as early as 2023.

Source: IANS

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