All the details of any image can be known, know how to Google reverse image search

Google Reverse Image Search: Many of us take help of internet to find text based content. Google is the most used search engine. Sometimes it also happens that you need to search by an image and not by a text, because you are not able to interpret that image. But want to know the history of this film. For this, Google’s reverse image search concept comes in handy. Reverse image search uses an image instead of keywords and shows you results.

By using reverse image search, users can gain access to one’s original source. Not only that, Google not only gives details of the same email, but also details of other similar images. Here, we tell you how to reverse image search on phone and desktop with Google Search.

How to do reverse image search in Google search?

from the computer
The reverse image search process is very simple, you just need to go to Google search man page and click on camera button. Click on it you will see on the right side equal to the microphone icon. Clicking the camera button will open a small window where you can upload a photo or paste an image link. Google will then automatically start searching for an image on the Internet and load the Google Lens interface. Many results will come in front of you in a short period of time.

from mobile
If you search from mobile, the interface will be slightly different. The process is the same though. you
Click the camera button on the right side of Google’s man page. The browser will then load a window where you can search for images using the device camera.

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