After iOS WhatsApp has released a powerful feature for Android users, media files will be forwarded with captions


Android users will be able to use Forward Media with Captions feature on WhatsApp.
Earlier WhatsApp released this feature for iOS users.
In addition, users will also get the option to remove captions from forwarded messages.

New Delhi. Meta-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp recently announced forward media with captions feature. This feature is now available for Android users. According to a report, this feature will allow users to forward media with captions. Also, users can also remove captions that come with forwarded messages. According to a report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp wants users to know about the new feature.

This feature was first made available for iOS and allows users to send GIFs, videos and other media with captions. This feature will help users add captions to media files. With this, users will be able to search for old files by simply searching for keywords from the caption.

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Explain that after forwarding media with captions, a new view will appear at the bottom of the screen. This will let them know if the feature is enabled or not. In addition, users will also get a dismiss button to remove the caption from the image.

The company is working on the retained message feature
Meanwhile, WhatsApp is also working on the ‘kept feature’ feature. According to WaBetaInfo, this feature allows users to save messages that have temporarily disappeared. Notably, the company introduced the invisible message feature in August 2021. With this feature, messages are automatically deleted after a certain period of time.

Users get more control
However, the platform is now working to give users more control over these disappearing messages. With the kept message feature, messages will not be automatically deleted and will be visible to everyone involved in the conversation. WaBetaInfo reports that now users will have control over the conversation and can un-keep the message at any time, causing the message to disappear from the chat forever.

whatsapp will add bookmark icon
According to the report, WhatsApp will add a bookmark icon for invisible messages to identify kept messages. This icon will indicate that the disappearing message has been captured. The Kept Messages feature allows users to easily distinguish between kept messages and invisible messages in a chat

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